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2009-10-31 16:32:30

The First Grey Seal Pup Of The Season At BDMLR Hospital

Grey seal pupI received a call on Friday evening from a member of the public regarding a small grey seal pup. The pup had been lying next to the ferry pier to Seil Island, south of Oban. Being over 5 hours away I called the local SSPCA officers for the area to help with assesing and if needed, to uplift.

After assesing the pup on the Saturday morning it was uplifted by SSPCA officer John McAvoy, then relayed by SSPCA officer and medic Dawna Connelly to Inverness and then to medic Jim Thompson who collected the pup at Inverness and arrived at the hospital at 10.30pm Saturday night.

The pup has been called Pumpkin and is a male around 10 days old, weighing in at 13.6 kilos. He was malnourished with only minor cuts and scrapes, feisty and alert. After the first 24 hours on Lectade he has now moved onto fish.

We will keep you updated here and on the blog.

Our thanks go to John McAvoy, Dawna Connelly and Jim Thompson.

Jamie Dyer
Scottish Coordinator

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