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2009-11-12 10:39:41

New Arrivals At Highland Seal Hospital

Seal pupOn Sunday 8th November I was contacted by local medic Karen Munro about a young pup she had been alerted to on Scrabster beach that afternoon. Upon inspection, the pup appeared to be very small and underweight therefore the decision was made to uplift the pup and bring to the hospital, which was done with the help of Jim Thomson and Tracey Myers. On arrival at the hospital the pup was given a full assessment as usual, and was found to be a weaned female grey seal weighing in at 10.7 kilos, so very small for a weaned pup. There were no injuries, she was just very malnourished. She has been given rehydration fluid after which she will move onto fish, and we have named her Poppy.

Seal pupOn Monday 9th November, Jim Thompson and Jane Gunn responded to a call from Head Office to a pup that had been under observation for a few days by a local resident, without any sign of moving away on a beach at Berriedale. The pup was a very thin weaned grey and because of obvious malnourishment it was bought in to the hospital. On assessment it had a few puncture wounds on its body but was extremely thin. It was a male weighing in at 13.3 kilos, aged approximately 3 weeks. We have called him Vader, as in Darth, due to his black colour and his demeanour (the evil is strong in this one :)

Jamie Dyer
Seal Hospital Manager