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2009-11-16 11:33:44

Blossom the White Coat Grey Seal Pup from Jersey

Seal pupMy Saturday started at 5.45am with a call from the JSPCA out of hours driver. A baby seal was reported on the beach at La Mare, St Clement. It was really strong winds this weekend in Jersey like the UK. I made my way there, and found the dog walker who had found it and the driver for the JSPCA.

It was another newborn grey, but the pup appeared a little heavier than the last one 2 weeks ago. However this little one was not as feisty at all, perhaps a little too docile for my liking. Her eyes were dry and crusty, and she was not really aware of our presence at all. The driver and dog walker had now departed and I called the vet for an immediate assessment. John Hamilton from New Era Veterinary Hospital was able to come along by 7.30am. He checked her over and although only a few superficial injuries he decided considering the pups listlessness it would be better to bring her off the beach on this occasion.

The pup was easy to handle, so the 2 of us took her back to the shelter in a voyager, where we tubed her 1.75 pints Lectade, gave her some Fucithylmic for her eyes and John gave her a shot of Synulox and Metacam. The pups temperature was up and down all day at every feeding interval. At one point when it was 39 it didn't look good for her, she went really quiet and listless again and her breathing became rattled. However thankfully at her 4 o'clock feed, when we went back in she was a changed pup again and was up to a healthy 37, and full of beans.

Treating the seal pupBy now I had started arranging our next move with her. With the unpredictability of the strong winds we thought it would be better to just try and book the long boat over to the UK on this occasion. It was due to sail at 9pm. However it kept getting delayed by the weather. A member of staff from the JSPCA Mark Fletcher assisted John and myself through the days feeding intervals and offered to accompany the pup on the boat overnight. Karen Kirk, BDMLR's emergency Out Of Hours Coordinator helped me to arrange a pickup the next morning from Portsmouth.

Finally at 3am with a belly full of lectade and a final check over, "Blossom" was put on the Condor. She arrived safely at 11am at Portsmouth Docks, into the safe arms of BDMLR's National Co-ordinator Trevor Weeks and his partner Kathy Martyn, plus BDMLR's Isle of Wight Assistant Co-ordinator Stephan Voigt, BDMLR medic Jacqui Ashby. Her temperature was low so she was tubed warmed Lectade and given a heat pad. After a break from the ferry journey and tubing, Blossom was transported across to RSPCA Mallydams near Hastings, East Sussex.

Many thanks to all concerned again, especially Mark Fletcher for making the crazy decision to cross in the high winds to Portsmouth, and Karen for all her hard work and arrangements made on the mainland.

Good luck Blossom!

Donna De Gruchy
BDMLR Channel Isles Co-ordinator