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2009-11-12 13:01:43

Grey Seal Pup at Hartland

Seal pupAnother call from the Jarvis' to say that a grey seal pup was on 'Spekes Mill' at Hartland and that it had been there a while. Unfortunately after meeting up with medic Bethany Tyler-King and her friend who were offering to help lift it up the cliff, it was pouring down with rain, too dark and way too dangerous to attempt a rescue, so it was postponed 'till morning.

We all met up again at 9am the next day and headed down to the beach. A concerned member of the public was really great and offered his 4x4 truck to help us get down to the beach as it was a strenuous drop down on foot. We searched the beach for a good 25 minutes and nothing was spotted. As we all headed back up the cliff, our anonymous helper saw a moving head camouflaged in a tiny crevice in the rock. There he was! We all went back down and after quite a palaver trying to get to this very scared little seal, I managed to get hold of the pup. Bethany grabbed a sheet for me to put the pup in, whilst her friend Robin went back up the cliff to get the cage as would have never got it back up. Bethany had a quick inspection of the pup with me as this was her first seal pup rescue. It had a very pussy and infected back flipper and lots of grazes all over its body. Otherwise, had a great show of baby teeth! Between Bethany, Robin, our other 2 members of the public and myself, we somehow pulled and heaved the pup and ourselves up this very steep hill. We managed this lovely long hike with lots of struggles, pushes and a lot of breaks and relays between all of us. We got him in the back of the truck with Bethany and myself keeping an eye in him as his breathing was rapid. We then transferred him into my car at the pub car park ready for a trip to Wadebridge to tube him with Dan and Lesley Jarvis. Then, as you can imagine, the usual happened... The heavens opened so we all got very, very wet!

Dan and Lesley took the pup down to Gweek to be cared for.

I would like to thank all members of the public who helped with the rescue. They played a huge part in carrying the seal up the cliff and transporting all of us onto the beach. You know who you are. Well done Bethany on your first seal rescue! Robin and his wife Gill for all your support running backwards and forwards and still wanting to help next time. Sorry you lost your hat!

Another great job completed. Thank you!

Michelle Robinson
Assistant Coordinator