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2009-12-07 16:36:29

Two More Arrivals at Highland Seal Hospital

27 November 2009

Two medics from Stornaway were called out to a young grey seal looking very underweight. The young seal was picked up by Sandy MacDonald and Kirstie Brown and held overnight by Sandy who did a great job of tubing the pup with hydration fluid and monitoring its temperature throughout the night. In the morning Sandy and the pup boarded the early ferry to Ullapool, where they were met by Sue Fenton, stepping in once again to get the seal on its way to the Highland Seal Hospital. Sue took the pup north to Lairg before handing it over to Andrew Golspie who then drove the pup to Helmsdale, from where Jim Thompson came the last leg of the trip arriving at the hospital around 2pm. A long journey for the little pup and a major effort from all those involved getting the pup to us.

Upon examination, we found we had a female grey seal, white coat at approx. 8-10 days old. She weighed in at 15.4kg, was thin and had some deep lacerations to her underside. These lacerations were right in the folds of skin running across her stomach area which were very hard to deal with as her white coat was covering the area. Once cleaned and assessed she was started on hydration fluid for the first 24 hours to make sure everything is functioning OK. We have named her Amadala.

Many thanks to Sandy and Kirstie for their quick response to the call and initial treatment of the pup.

Huge thanks to Sue Fenton for making the long round trip from Farr to Lairg again, and thanks to Andrew and Jim for seeing the pup safely to the hospital.

4 December 2009

Blossom the seal pupHead Office received a call from a resident from Dunbeath, not too far south of the hospital, about a seal pup which had arrived overnight and hauled itself up from the beach to rest by her house. Local medic Jane Gunn went out to have a look and confirmed it to be a skinny weaned grey seal. Jane then drove the pup to the hospital for assessment. We found we had a female grey seal, approx 3 weeks old and while weighing 15.5kg was very malnourished as well as dehydrated. This didn't stop her being very feisty, which is normal until they get used to their new surroundings. She has been named Blossom.

Many thanks to Lynn for looking out for the pup until Jane arrived, and thanks to Jane for safely delivering the pup to the hospital.

Jamie Dyer
Seal Hospital Manager