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2009-12-13 15:38:48

Seal Pup Release

Seal pup releaseOn Sunday 13th December, our two common seal pups Freddy and Jules were finally released back into the wild. They were ready to go about a fortnight ago but due to bad weather we had to wait for the right conditions. They were both looking fat and healthy with Freddy finally hitting the 30 kilo release weight, after a period when she lost several kilos due to us only being able to get large fish that she decided she didn't want, wouldn't eat and only started picking up once we got her old favourites back. Fussy girl, that's Freddy for sure.

Meanwhile, Jules was up to 35 kilos and while she was held back for Freddy, she just kept eating and eating.

Both pups made the trip down to our usual common release area on the Cromarty, arriving at around 2pm. We were joined by local medic and volunteer Tracey Myers and her two sons Elliot and Kyle and also our good friend, photographer, WDCS, BDMLR man and all round good guy Charlie Phillips.

Both pups were taken to the shore in the boxes and allowed to come out at their own pace. Freddy was into the water reasonably quickly while Jules wasn't quite sure. After a bit of coaxing and a last goodbye off she went. By this time Freddy was already out into the deeper channel in the middle, jumping and diving. Jules was last seen porpoising out near the middle heading towards some pups further to the east. They both seem happy with their new surroundings and with a large population of commons in the area they should find some company within a very short space of time.

After being with them every day for almost 6 months people say it must be sad to see them go. Not sad I say but happy as this is where they belong, not in a pool, so it's good to see them go and especially see them happy so quickly. For sure I worry for them and I will miss them but this is where they should be. We gave them a second chance and now it's up to them.

Thanks to Charlie for the superb photos!

Jamie Dyer
Seal Hospital Manager