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2009-12-11 20:41:50

New Arrival At Highland Seal Hospital

Boo the seal pupOn Friday December 11th, head office received a call about a grey seal pup on Reiss beach near Wick. The pup had a cut across its back that the caller was concerned about. Thinking we may just need to check the pups wound, local medic Tracey Myers and myself headed to Reiss. Upon finding the pup, our first thought was that it looked fine, if a little small and the cut was superficial if the only injury. As we got closer and the pup moved, it became obvious that it had many larger cuts in its underside and a bleeding puncture wound on its rear flipper. Once uplifted and back at the hospital, a full assessment showed we had a female weighing in at 25.5 kilos around 4 weeks old. There were multiple wounds on her underside, the most serious being a long cut or bite wound being around 8" long by 2.5" wide by about 2" deep at the deepest part. The main concern was for a deep puncture directly over her abdomen that we had to make sure hadn't penetrated the abdomen itself. We cleaned her wounds and debrieded what we could, then started her on antibiotics, painkillers and gave fluids for rehydration. We have named her Boo.

On Monday we took her to the local vet surgery where she was sedated so we could clean the wounds more thoroughly and take a few Xrays of the damaged flipper. Thankfully nothing was broken though the puncture went straight in, almost, if not to the bone. While she was sedated I took a blood sample and swabs to send off.

The wounds are many and will take a good amount of time to heal, but heal they should. She needs a fair bit of extra care and a different routine to the others but fingers crossed she will make a full recovery.

Jamie Dyer
Seal Hospital Manager