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British Divers Marine Life Rescue (photo: Steve Marsh)
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2009-12-21 10:17:50

New Arrival, Holly the seal pup

Holly the seal pupJust before lunch on Wednesday we had one of the locals knock on the hospital door and tell us there was a skinny looking pup, about 200 metres up the road on Skarsferry slipway. Off we went with a seal box and bag to take a look and sure enough as soon as we turned the corner, there it was trying to shelter behind a little boat shed at the top of the slipway. It was very obvious that it needed to come in as it was as good as weaned with only the last remnants of white coat around its rear flippers and lower back, but was very, very thin. A quick pick-up and back to the hospital to give a thorough assessment.

We found we had a 3 to 4 week old female grey weighing in at a low 11.7kg, with puncture wounds on her neck and rear flippers. There were also three deep bleeding puncture wounds on her flippers and rear underside. She was very alert though thankfully not too feisty. She has been named Holly and will have the usual rehydration fluid feeds before starting on routine fish feeds.

An easy rescue but a bit worrying when they start coming to us!

Jamie Dyer
Seal Hospital Manager