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2010-01-07 11:07:20

Buckie Seal report

Seal pupWe had come home after walking our dog on a cold snowy day, Michelle had just warmed up in a hot bath when at about 14:45 I received a phone call from a work colleague Mr John Reading from Portessie near Buckie. He told me he had seen a small seal along the coast and was concerned as he was told it had been there a while, and knowing this is a regular area for dog walking thought the pup if still there in the morning could be in danger.

I contacted BDMLR HQ and spoke to Julia and told her we could go and have a look, although the roads had a covering of snow we had a 4x4 and should be able to get to the seal safely. We ventured back out into the cold at -6C and after searching through 4 inches of snow soon discovered a small pup which looked a bit on the thin side and was only a couple of feet in length. I contacted HQ and was asked to send a photo to Jamie up at the hospital (see below), after sending the photo I spoke to Jamie Dyer and it was decided that the pup should be recovered to receive treatment.

Michelle myself and John who had now braved the blizzard to give us a hand put the pup in our crate and walked it to the car park where we loaded it into the back of our 4x4. I was asked to take it to Turriff, but on the way I received a call from our Buchan area co-ordinator Andy Ireland and asked to hold on as a revised plan was being looked at. As we were near a friend's house Mrs Marie Aston, we called in and waited for the final decision and were fed soup and hot drinks (thanks Marie). On receiving the call from Andy the plan was to take the pup to Golspie as there was someone there who could tube feed the pup, prior to its final journey up to the hospital near Thurso. Warmed with tea and soup we left for Inverness where Linda Nicholson the Inverness co-ordinator arranged for the relay by Vet and Medic Gemma Insley up to Golspie. We met at Tesco and handed over the pup at about 20:45, Gemma dropped of the pup safe and well about 45 minutes later at Golspie.

A special thanks to all concerned especially for the tea, (you can never drink too much).

Martin Boon
Buchan Medic