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2010-02-11 11:35:41

New Arrival At Seal Hospital

Seal pupOn Friday 5th February, I had a call regarding a pup at Lybster Harbour that looked injured and had been in the same spot overnight. After a few phone calls and a couple of pictures from local medic Colin’s wife Shirley, I was off to Lybster to check on the condition myself.

On arrival I found a small weaned pup with blood, both dried and fresh around its mouth as well as several puncture marks on the rear of its body and flippers. On assessment back at the hospital we had a 16.2 kilo female. No wounds to the mouth and as expected the blood was due to a heavy burden of lungworm. She was dehydrated with heavily crusted eyes and had damage to both front flippers at the nail beds, maybe from being stuck somewhere and trying to claw her way out. After being cleaned up she was immediately started on hydration fluid, antibiotics and wormer.

By the Sunday morning things were starting to kick in as she had worms coming out of both ends, though thankfully was perky and active. We are pleased with this as it is sometimes the case where the die off of parasites is such a shock to the system that the body can’t cope, though in this case she seems to be getting better everyday and we don’t have to resort to a harsher regime of treatment.

Jamie Dyer
Seal Hospital Manager

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