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British Divers Marine Life Rescue (photo: Steve Marsh)
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2010-02-23 11:50:17

Boo the seal goes outside

Boo and seal friendsFinally after a long stay inside at the hospital, Boo went to the outside pool on Sunday 21st February. Boo had been inside for such a long time as we had to treat and manage the severe wounds on her underside. These had gradually healed and as of Sunday they were almost closed over. We had to wait until we had released four of the seven outside to lessen the chance of any sort of infection from the pool being so crowded.

So with three left outside for her to integrate with, she was tagged, weighed and introduced to her pool mates. After all the work and worry it was really great to see her swimming around playing with the others. She weighed in at 32 kilos so hopefully it won’t be long ‘till she will be released along with the other three. In her first day she had a bit of everything weather wise, a glorious sunny day followed with a cold snowy evening.

Along with the release on Saturday it has been a pretty good weekend at the Highland Seal Hospital.

Jamie Dyer
Highland Seal Hospital Manager