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British Divers Marine Life Rescue (photo: Steve Marsh)
British Divers Marine Rescue


2010-03-31 15:09:59

Minke Refloatation at Montrose

Minke whaleMedics are attempting to refloat a 5 metre long Minke Whale in the North Esk River near Montrose, Scotland today. The alarm was raised by a beach walker just before 9 am and the Coastguard contacted BDMLR for help. Medics were on site within the hour and initial thoughts were that the whale was a dependent calf but once measured at 5 metres it was thought she might be viable. Medics reported the whale to be in good body condition apart from a few minor cuts.

Medics are providing first aid to the whale and waiting for the high tide to help with the refloat.

4.30pm Update: The high tide has come in. Unfortunately despite the tide being deeper than the previous high tide, the whale has been struggling to refloat herself and is still stuck. Her breathing has deteriorated. On welfare grounds the vet, backed by the medics on site, have decided it would be kinder to euthanase the whale.

Trevor Weeks
National Co-ordinator