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British Divers Marine Life Rescue (photo: Steve Marsh)
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2010-05-10 09:52:41

Seal entangled in net at Aldbrough

Seal entangled in netOn 2 May, I received a call from Mark Gregory to investigate a seal entangled in net at Aldbrough, East Yorkshire. On arrival, I found 3 members of public standing by the seal that had a fishing net around its neck and flippers. The female grey seal was of good size and body condition (27kg) but the net had almost cut down to the bone. On capture, I was able to cut away the extensive netting then rushed straight to Swanbridge Vets where the usual range of medication was administered and the seal cleaned up and kept overnight for observations.

Fortunately, although almost decapitating the seal, the net had not cut through any ligaments and the seal had full head movement - unfortunately for me (5hrs waiting in A&E and a course of antibiotics for my efforts)!

The vets informed Mark this morning that the seal had done well overnight despite the injuries and would be able to travel to East Winch once a relay could be organised.

Thanks to Mark, Freddie, Tanya and team, and Phil and team at Swanbridge and to those as yet unknown medics that will relay to East Winch.

Joel Taylor
Humber co-ordinator