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British Divers Marine Life Rescue (photo: Steve Marsh)
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2010-05-06 10:01:08

Porpoise stranding

Stranded porpoiseOn 3 May, I received a call on Monday evening regarding a stranded porpoise on a beach at Grit Ness Evie, Orkney HY 366 268.

On arrival I discovered the Porpoise stranded on flat rocks around 30 metres from the water's edge with an incoming tide. With assistance from the person that reported the stranding we made use of a travel rug that I had in my Land Rover and carried the Porpoise to the water.

Once in the water the Porpoise took several minutes to regain its muscle strength and then eventually managed to swim on its own although continuing to swim inshore rather than heading out to deeper water. There was no other option than to get into the water with the Porpoise and gently persuade it to head in the right direction. With failing light and extremely wet trousers I was pleased to see that it had regained its bearings and was heading out into safer waters.

Ross Flett
Orkney co-ordinator