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British Divers Marine Life Rescue (photo: Steve Marsh)
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2010-07-30 09:29:54

Scarborough Common Pup

Joni the common seal pupI received a text from Mark Gregory at 8.35am notifying me of a very small seal at Scarborough. After a quick phone call I discovered the location of the seal and was informed that Jim Ward from Wildlife Rescue was on site. I arrived on site 20 minutes later to find a very small, thin, common pup who was obviously in need of some help. Jim helped me get her in the seal bag (amazingly roomy because she was so small!) and I quickly got her to Scarborough Sealife Centre. Joni (named after my favourite female singer Joni Mitchell) is the first common pup at Sealife this year.

Thanks to Jim Ward and Sealife Centre.

Tracy Guild
MMM Filey, N.Yorkshire