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British Divers Marine Life Rescue (photo: Steve Marsh)
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2010-09-16 11:00:43

Pup Rescued from Cove

Seal pupA situation involving a ringnecked seal that was hauled out on the cove was first identified on 9th September 2010. During the course of the next week experienced members of the Cornwall Seal Group monitored the animal’s location and reported back with regards to the possibility of a rescue attempt, given the climb down and number of other animals on the beach. Sadly, it was proving difficult for the combination of factors necessary for a successful rescue all to be fulfilled, on the 15th September, medic Sue Sayer completed her ‘watch’ at 14.00. the area was checked again at 16.30, at which point medic Lesley Jarvis immediately identified a white oated seal pup that had suddenly appeared on the tideline. The pup was then continuously until dark by BDMLR Co-ordinators Tim Bain and Dave Jarvis, together with medics Sue Sayer and Simon Bone and during this time it was apparent that the pup was in trouble because of detailed animal behaviour characteristic records from previous incidents. As darkness fell the pup was observed approaching various large male and female animals unsuccessfully attempting to get fed. As the evening progressed plans were put in place to try to deal with both situations & by 6.00 as the first light of he following morning broke, Area Co-ordinators Tim Bain and Dave Jarvis, BDMLR Veterinary Surgeon James Barnett and medics Richard Morton, Sue Sayer, Dan Jarvis and Lesley Jarvis, once again accompanied by experience climber Chris Howell, found themselves at the top of the cliff, initially using night vision technology and then binoculars to identify the animals. Initially the white coat was identified close to the drop off point from the climb down, but there were over 100 other animals also observed and one of the animals nearest the waters edge was the netted juvenile. As the climbing equipment was installed various animals ‘spooked’ and as anticipated the netted seal sought ‘safety’ in the water, but the team proceeded & the white coat was easily collected and brought up to the top of the cliff. The pup was then examined for injuries before being taken to the National Seal Sanctuary at Gweek. Thanks to all the medics involved, members of the Cornwall Seal Group and especially to Chris Howell for leading the team of climbers.

Dave Jarvis
Cornwall co-ordinator