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2011-01-16 10:46:28

Seal pup rescue at Cayton Bay

Seal pupOn Saturday 15 January at about 4pm, I’d just got in from riding when I received a call from Karen (out of hours co-ordinator.) She informed me there were two seals in my area one at Cayton Bay, who had an eye injury and one at Filey Brigg who had some cuts. As Filey Brigg is nearer to me I said that I would attend that one while Karen put out a text for more medics. The end of Filey Brigg, for those of you that don’t know, is only accessible when the tide is out and, believe me, it is a long way to walk when you have seal to carry. So I did a quick ring round to see if I could find anyone to help me. Unfortunately no one was available straight away and, as both the tideand light was against me, I needed help immediately. So reassessing the situation I decided that it was probably better to attend the Cayton Bay pup as there were people there and it seemed that this pup might be in greater need. Most pups on Filey Brigg have some small cuts due to the rocks.

So I set off to Cayton and went to the surf shop where I met Howard and Lesley Speight who had found the seal while walking their dog. They kindly offered to show me the seal and help me bring it back. When we got half way along the beach we met up with Mark Grzesiowski with Chloe, Kieran and Kyle. They had placed a large piece of white beach rubbish behind the pup so it was easier for someone to relocate it in the dark. As I reached the pup I could see she was extremely small and quite underweight, her breathing seemed ok and she was alert when approached, however, she had a very bad eye injury and it was obvious that she needed medical attention.

With the help of Mark and Howard I quickly put the pup in the bag and started the long walk back to the car. Thankfully there were lots of us to take turns with the carrying especially up the long steep hill! On reaching the Scarborough Sealife Centre I assisted Todd with administering antibiotics and tube feeding before leaving the little pup in peace for the night.

By now it was far too dark and dangerous to go out to Filey Brigg so I decided to wait until Sunday morning before going in search of the other pup. Carl and I set out at about 9.30am to try to locate the Filey pup, however there was no sign of it so we drove through to Sealife to pick up the Cayton Bay pup and begin the long journey down to East Winch. We left the pup at Swanbridge Vets in Hull at 1pm so she could be tube fed and rested before she was picked up by the next medics who were taking her on the next part of her journey to Norfolk.

Thanks to Karen for all the phone calls and support. Carl for having to spend his day off helping me look out for seals! Howard and Lesley, Mark, Chloe, Keiran and Kyle for being so concerned and helpful and the rest of the relay team.

Tracy Guild
Assistant Co-ordinator North Yorkshire

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