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2011-02-02 16:08:36

Seal Rescue at Salterbeck, Cumbria

Grey seal21 January 2011

I received a call from the Police to say that a dog walker had seen a very small seal and was concerned about it. We went to the location where the seal had been seen with the dog walker. The grey seal was underweight, coughing, sneezing and its breathing was very noisy. The seal was close to the sea with an incoming tide and I didn’t want it to get into the sea before we could uplift it. In fact the seal edged away from the incoming waves and when we kept out of sight it lay very quietly amongst the rocks.

Rob and I put the seal into the vari-kennel and with the help of the dog walker carried the seal back to the car.

The seal was taken to Millcroft Vet Centre where an initial assessment could be carried out by Vicki the vet and the seal was diagnosed with a respiratory infection. Vicki assisted by Suzanne, animal nurse and medic, took its temperature and gave injections. Suzanne prepared some fish for the seal but it wasn’t interested so Rob held the seal whilst Vicki tubed and I assisted.

I discussed the best course of action for the seal, now named Moss, with Vicki and she suggested that it went to the RSPCA hospital the next day and British Divers Marine Life Rescue HQ arranged for the seal to go to RSPCA Stapeley Grange.

On Saturday morning, Rob and I collected the seal and placed it in a kennel in the back of the Landrover where it slept until we arrived at RSPCA Stapeley Grange and handed the seal over to them. Monitoring checks on the seal were made en route.

The RSPCA said that they would stabilize her and then she would probably go to East Winch where more facilities were available. It was interesting to note that she would be returned to the West coast for release.

31 January 2011

The seal is still at Stapeley Grange but will be transferred to Norfolk at the end of the week. She is doing well but is being treated with anti-biotics for her respiratory infection and she is now eating fish.

Jenny and Rob Watkins
Cumbria Co-ordinators