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British Divers Marine Life Rescue (photo: Steve Marsh)
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2011-03-07 10:36:54

Scallywags visit BDMLR Seal Hospital

On Thursday the 3rd of March we had a visit from Scallywags Nursery. They are not far from the Hospital, just about a mile away at the Crossroads School.

Around a dozen children and five adults came to see the seals in the pool and learn about what we do, as well as seals in general. I drained the pool in the morning to clean and set up the transport tubs around the edge for them to stand on. After a brief health and safety talk Heather and I got them arranged around the side of the pool and having 2 children to each adult, they were fine. I am happy to report there was no loss of life!

They stayed for well over an hour and seemed to ask a lot of serious questions for being so young. Hopefully they went away with a better understanding of our work, but more importantly the problems facing the seals, as these children have them literally on their doorstep.

They already had a very good understanding of the environment around them and seemed to be, along with the adults, very interested in conserving it.

A great start to the day with lots of laughing friendly faces.

Jamie Dyer
BDMLR Highland Seal Hospital Manager