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2011-04-13 16:17:58

Netted Seal at St Ives

Netted Seal at St IvesAt around 8pm on April 12th, I received a phone call from a friend (Ady) who was out walking the coast path at Foxholes near St Ives who along with another couple had noticed a netted seal in the cove below (probably this year's).

I was just heading down to clean up my local beach which is only about 10 minutes from the cove and as it was starting to get dark I headed straight over giving Dave Jarvis a quick call to advise him of the situation.

Ady and I took a shortcut down the cliff where the couple who found the seal had covered it in some discarded rubber matting, the man had approached it to try and cut off the netting but as the seal was quite feisty he decided against it. Luckily I had a net cutter in my rucksack so while Ady distracted the seal I managed to secure it and proceeded to remove the netting which turned out to be garden net used to grow peas on. The netting was very tight around the seal's neck but had not yet cut in. After it was removed I gave the seal a check over and with no apparent injuries, signs of dehydration and with a normal temperature, he was released on scene and headed straight back to the sea, almost heading off with my BDMLR jacket.

» Watch a short video fo the rescue on YouTube

Tim Bain
Cornwall Coordinator