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2011-06-16 10:03:26

A busy month for BDMLR and Scottish cetaceans!

Pilot Whales - Loch Carnon, South Uist. 19.05.11

It started on May 19th with a call out regarding the call about a certain pod of pilot whales in Loch Carnon, South Uist. This has been reported elsewhere in the news section of the BDMLR website and in the international news. Two died but the main pod of over 60 animals eventually left the loch. A further animal was reported by a fisherman having been seen dead a week later on the Isle of Canna, but this may have been unrelated and has not been confirmed.

Common Dolphin - Perth, Tay. 19.05.11

Common dolphin - PerthOn the same day, a common dolphin that stranded in the River Tay at Perth. The animal had been reported in distress at Moncrieff Island on Thursday at around 10.00am. Despite suffering some superficial cuts in the shallow water at Perth, the animal was judged to be in good health and in an operation led by BDMLR and Shanwell Wildlife Rescue Trust, and involving Tayside Fire and Rescue Service, the dolphin was successfully relocated by road to Broughty Ferry, where the waiting RNLI crew helped to take it out to open water for release.

Many thanks to Stewart Burns, Gareth Norman, Stephanie Burns, Harry, David Awburn, staff at King James VI Golf Club, Tayside Fire and Rescue Service, Tayside Police PC G. Samuel, Scottish SPCA Beverly O'Lone, Stephanie Whyte the Vet from Girling and Fraser Ltd, Shanwell Wildlife Rescue Trust, RNLI.

Atlantic White Sided Dolphin - Loch Eriboll, Sutherland. 27.5.11

Atlantic white sided dolphin - Loch EribollResponding to a report of a stranded porpoise at Loch Eriboll, BDMLR medics arrived to find it was an Atlantic White Sided Dolphin that having grounded several times, was in shallow water at low tide and probably unable to navigate its way out into deeper water.

As the animal was in good condition and its breathing rate suggested relatively unstressed, the decision was taken to life and transport the dolphin to a more suitable release site with assistance from the Coastguard. Upon arrival there, the dolphin was checked over and tubed by a vet, then following a period of stabilisation in the water, was successfully released to the open sea. Many thanks to the BDMLR team of Ali Jack, Jamie Dyer, Audrey Gunn, Tracey Meiklejohn (Myers), the Coastguard, vet and members of the public who assisted.
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Atlantic White Sided Dolphin - Baleshare, North Uist. 31.5.11

Atlantic white sided dolphin - BaleshareBDMLR Head office was alerted to a dolphin having problems at Baleshare, North Uist, and callouts were made to a number of newly qualified medics on the Isles to attend. On arrival, this 8ft long, female Atlantic White Sided Dolphin was found to be having problems in the surf.  The team ensured the animal was held upright and then assess it. The dolphin, although having superficial damage to its beak was, in consultation with head office, considered to be relatively healthy and a good candidate for release.  Vets were contacted but unable to attend for a few hours, so the decision was taken to lift and move the animal to the calmer east coast of the islands, with the vet meeting the convoy en route to assess the dolphin prior to release.

The dolphin was successfully lifted and transported, with Coastguard assistance, to Kallin Harbour on the East Coast, where it was released after a period of stabilisation in the water. Unfortunately the vet had been stood down by the SSPCA, so the dolphin had to be released without veterinary supervision.  However, after a five hour operation, the dolphin was released. Although not seen again the following day, a kayaker did report seeing an Atlantic White Sided Dolphin in the area a few days later, swimming quite strongly and feeding, It is hoped that this dolphin will make its way out to open water soon.  Many thanks to the BDMLR team of Lee Coleman, Charlotte Coleman, Bryan Foote, Mia Misso, Amanda MacDonald, Ruiraidh MacDonald and the Coasguard. » Download full report