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2011-07-26 10:36:12

Scottish Whale Mass Stranding - A big thank you from Jamie Dyer


Having arrived home and had a much needed sleep I thought I would post this thank you from myself personally.

Scottish Whale Mass Stranding - A big thank you from Jamie DyerThere have been a lot of really positive posts and news items written regarding the strandings, both during and after the event. It was certainly a surprise to return home and see the nice things being said about the work the medics were doing.  I tried on site to make sure that all the medics were aware of how grateful both BDMLR as an organisation and myself individually were of their efforts.

I would like to thank the Royal Navy ordinance disposal team, the RLNI and the huge turnout of Coastguard crews, many of whom travelled from well outside the area to give assistance. A big thank you to the local Police, especially John for keeping things under control. I would also like to thank all the members of the public whom assisted well into the night to assist. A thank you also to the very kind lady from, and forgive me if this is the wrong name, the Oasis cafe in Durness. This very kind lady came to the shore on Friday afternoon with flasks of coffee, tea and trays of food for the rescuers. I believe it was herself who also returned in the evening with more food. For this I thank you as when I sat down early hours of the morning the bag of apples were delicious and well needed.

Thanks also to Andrew Brownlow and the team from the SAC for all the advice and assistance in during the Rescue as well as the work regarding the post mortems and retrieval. Also to Rod Penrose from Wales and Rob Deaville and Matt Perkins from ZSL in London for the same.

Thanks to Stephen Marsh, Julia Cable and Alan Knight at HQ and Ali Jack for all the calls with guidance and advice, much appreciated and needed.  Thanks also to the SSPCA officers, Audrey Gunn and Andy Brown, both of whom are also BDMLR medics. Their support and assistance in getting things done was invaluable.

Last but not least in any way, my sincere and heartfelt thanks go to all the BDMLR medics. All went well above and beyond in the most difficult of circumstances over a long period of time. I won't list everyone as I am sure HQ will see to that, but I mean this to all of you, some who had travelled a fair distance.  It was a very difficult rescue in very difficult terrain but the teamwork done was inspiring to witness. All the team should be proud of themselves and each other as I am certainly proud to have worked alongside you. It was a privilege.

Hope everyone arrived home safe.

All the very best

Jamie Dyer
Highland Seal Hospital

... and from us here down South, a massive thanks to you all as well and to Jamie, who did such a great job of coordinating the rescue.