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2011-08-12 11:15:01

Common Seal Pup Rescue at Seaham

Common Seal PupAt about 3pm on Sunday 7th August I received a text message from out of hours coordinator Karen Kirk asking for assistance with a small common pup at Seaham. The pup had been found by members of the public  who had noticed that it seemed to be going backwards and forwards on the beach with no sign of it tying to get back to the water. After a while the members of public returned to the beach to check on the pup and after realising that help was needed, they wrapped the pup in a towel and uplifted it from the beach. They took the seal back to their vehicle and called the RSPCA who then called BDMLR for help. Upon initial assessment of the animal it was clear that it was very malnourished and had some visible injuries.

In the meantime, Andy, the member of public who found the seal had arranged for a kennel brought to him to safely transport the pup in, and together we took it to Ayres Vets for further assessment. The pup weighed in at just over 9kg and after being given fluids, was treated with antibiotics. After a period of rest at the vets the seal will be moved on to a rehabilitation centre for further care.

Bethany Guy
Newcastle Medic

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