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2011-10-10 10:08:28

Week Old Pup Rescued at Boscastle

Week Old Pup Rescued at BoscastleI was having tea and toast at 8am on Friday 30th September and getting ready for work, when Dave rang about a seal pup being spotted in the harbour stream. I was working in Boscastle that morning so headed down there. I looked up and down the harbour for half an hour and couldn't see anything, then out the corner of my eye I saw a quick glimpse of a shadow moving. I stopped and stared when I saw two flippers waving in the air across the stream running into harbour, I ran over the bridge as quickly as possible as I knew dog walkers were heading in that direction.

I was met on the run down there by some people observing me and asking what they could do, so I asked them to prevent the dog walkers from going down there until the pup had been removed as it was balanced on a thin wall on a corner that fell onto the concrete bank. It had obviously got there on the high tide.

One there we found a female pup, weighing approx 15k, I managed to get a towel over the pup and distracted her well but this little pup didn't take long to cotton on to what I was doing. One guy helped me with the seal bag whilst I jumped the pup. My God, for a one week old pup, ten day max, she was feisty! So feisty that she even nipped my finger through my glove. Anyway after a song and dance getting her into the bag, Graham Hopkins from Boscastle who was staying for an overnight visit and another gentleman (sorry didn't get your name), helped with the carrying of her in the seal bag on the narrow bank back up to the harbour (thanks Graham, my back was a killing me)! Unfortunately getting fluids into her was not going to happen as she was so wriggly and feisty, she was stressing herself out too much and had a temp of 38.4, so had to dampen her down for the journey instead .

Dave and Leslie Jarvis arrived to relay her to Gweek Seal Sanctuary where she would be looked after until her release weight is gained. She was suffering with a few minor injuries but mainly she was separated from her Mum and needed feeding. She was also lying in the sun for quite some time so she could have frazzled easily until high tide came back in.

Thanks to Cath Allard, her first rescue, a big thank you to Graham Hopkins, the members of public that controlled the dogs and their walkers, and for the family and owners of the cafe on the harbour for a lovely cup of tea afterwards. I needed that as I didn't get one for breakfast!

P.S. I also got the all clear that the seal bite was not infected . There wasn't a scratch or blood drawn so thankfully ok!

Michelle Robinson
BDMLR Medic and Assistant Coordinator - Cornwall

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