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2011-10-21 14:19:02

Another Feisty Pup in Bude

Seal pupI received another call this week, from a member of public called Angie, regarding a seal pup that had an injury to its eye and was looking a bit worse for wear. At this point I was at work having a brew on my break, so off I popped!

The pup was reported to be between 2 beaches called Northcott Beach and Sandymouth. I rang medic Marilyn Botham, to meet the lady who reported the pup as she was closer to beach than me and I had to collect the vari-kennel from my house. Within an hour we all met up and headed down to where Angie said to meet. Angie put me to great shame zooming down this cliff that was not very level and full of pot holes and was fairly steep for a small cliff, Marilyn and I both decided to slide on our bottoms in end.

Once at the bottom and after climbing over many a pebble, we were met by a moulting pup approx. 4-6 weeks old and who was great at showing us his wonderful teeth. Marilyn was put in at the deep end and did her first jump (well done Marilyn). It wasn't the ideal position to do a jump and the pup for sure would have had us both if we were not quick enough at grabbing him when we did, but despite his feistiness, he was a poorly battered pup weighing approx. 14 kilos and had quite a few old and new injuries to its body, its eye wasn't looking good either and had a possible edema there.

We got him uplifted and thankfully because tide was at its lowest, we could carry him across the beach rather than back up cliff (thank goodness). He was getting quite stressed out in the bag and gnarling quite a lot whilst awaiting for Marilyn to get her van, so once she was back I found two workmen who were on a building site and got one of them to do a few rounds of water filling a watering can from there garden to cool down the pup. Once he was in the vari-kennel and had the water poured over him he calmed down a lot, so we then transported him in Marilyn's van back to mine and then went to meet Dave Jarvis to then take it to Gweek for rehabilitating.

A huge well done and thanks to Marilyn Botham for doing her first jump on a blood sucking seal pup now called "Buffy the Vampire Slayer". Another huge thank you to Angie for finding Buffy and guiding us to him, he would not have been found without Angie! The workmen who helped with the running around with water, and to Dave Jarvis for relaying the pup back up to Gweek. THANKS GUYS!

Michelle Robinson
Assistant co-ordinator North Cornwall

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