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2011-11-07 11:39:42

A Busy Day at the Office

Seal pupI had planned to go up to Scarfskerry to visit Jamie and Heather at the Highland Seal Hospital, when Julia from Head Office called me and asked if I would call in at Dunbeath to check on an injured seal pup reported by member of public Mr Irvine. I had contacted Andy Brown SSPCA who was going to take the pup if required south to SSPCA Middlebank. On arriving at the harbour and after a quick look around I found a small white coat pup with a wound on its side as reported, I took a photo and waited for Andy. He checked the photo and agreed the pup should be picked up, I caught the pup in a seal bag and carried it to Andy's van to transfer it to the Varikennel. At this point Mr Irvine arrived and asked if it was the pup he reported from the other side of the harbour. Andy and I looked at each other and said no, we all crossed the estuary and found the another pup with storm injuries.

With both pups loaded into the van I carried on north and Andy headed south to Inverness. I arrived at the Highland Seal Hospital around 4pm and at about 4.30pm Julia called me again to say a pup had been reported just down the road at Scarfskerry. I met Trevor and his wife who showed me where the pup was, it was a bit thin but the worrying thing was both its eyes were cloudy and its third eyelids were red and showing signs of infection.  Jamie gave me a hand to collect the pup and we loaded it into the van, meanwhile Julia had contacted Andy who was heading down to Middlebank in the morning with the other pups, to see if he could take an extra pup. The other pups were at the vets in Inverness, which was closing at 7.30pm, so with time running out I headed back down the road to Inverness.

Julia had managed to contact Natalie Simmons, Inverness assistant coordinator, who would meet up with me at Tain to relay the pup on to Inverness. After a quick transfer and a call from Andy who was waiting at the vets and who would stay back for us as we were running late, Natalie was off south and I was heading north again arriving back at the Highland Seal Hospital around 9.30pm, 10 hours and 3 pups and over 300 miles after leaving my home, a journey that normally only take 3 hours.

Thanks to all involved in the collection and transportation and care of the pups, also to Heather who cooked me a meal after my journey and to Jamie who completed the situation with a well deserved cup of tea.

Buchan Co-ordinator

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