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2011-11-14 11:56:27

Rainbow the flying seal!

Rainbow the flying seal

On the 10th November a very small whitecoat grey seal pup with slightly cloudy eyes was picked up by a member of the general public from Reiss beach, near Wick.  It was lying close to the steps below the Golf Club, there was no sign of its mother and it was a very busy dog walking beach.  It was taken to Scarfskerry where Ali Jack (BDMLR Scottish National Organiser) re-hydrated the pup by tubing it with lectade and administered basic first aid to the pups eyes, assisted by Audrey Gunn, SSPCA inspector and BDMLR medic.

The pup was named ‘Rainbow’ and it was kept overnight at the BDMLR Highland Seal Hospital on a temporary basis. The following morning a vet from D S McGregors & Partners attended and examined the seal’s eyes closely.  It was thought to have surface infection and that the pup deserved a chance.  Antibiotic steroid cream was given by the vet was then applied to both eyes each time it was tube fed.   Throughout Friday and Saturday the young pup continued to be under Ali’s care, being re-hydrated several times daily and the eyes attended to regularly. Arrangements were made for Rainbow to be flown by a private plane owned by Graham Mountford, from Wick Airport down to RSPCA Norfolk Wildlife Hospital at East Winch on the Sunday morning, Graham having flown up from his home nr Bedford.

On Sunday morning the pup was fed bright and early by Ali, assisted by his glamorous assistant Audrey and then transported by her to Wick Airport.  Ali had arranged for the airport to be opened specially for Graham’s plane to land and we must thank Mr Andrew Bruce for agreeing to this happening.  At about 9.15am the private plane touched down and Ali and Audrey met Graham and his daughter Helen who had accompanied her dad on the trip.

Rainbow the seal  transfers to planeAli then transferred the seal pup from the SSPCA vari kennel  into a slightly smaller carrier which fitted snug in the plane.  The pup was very vocal and was clawing at the cage door.  The plane was refueled, all the paperwork completed and Rainbow was soon ready for take-off.  At about 10am the wee pup started the 3 hour flight to East Winch.

Rainbow arrived at East Winch airport and was then transferred via road to the RSPCA Norfolk Wildlife Centre at East Winch for further treatment and rehabilitation.

We would like to express our sincere thanks to Graham and  it goes without saying that we owe him a huge amount of gratitude for his kindness and dedication towards BDMLR and to marine mammals.

Thanks also to Ali for caring for this wee soul and for all his help over the past couple of weeks which has been crazy with seals.

Good Luck wee pup.

Audrey Gunn
SSPCA Inspector and BDMLR Medic


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