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2011-12-01 11:06:28

Pip the Seal from Farnes to Thurso

Pip the Seal Pup

It's not often it happens, but on Saturday 26 November it did.

I was in the midst of a busy Out of Hours Co-ordinator oncall session as I received a call in about a small pup in Beadnell. The pictures sent to me showed a very skinny grey pup, with a lovely painted bright orange rear - this pup had obviously been washed off the Farne Islands where they use paint to identify pups that they’ve counted in population surveys.

As darkness was nearing and there had been no response of anyone available to attend, I called fellow Borders medic Bruce Bell to see if he was available to go. He was, so, off we went on our road trip!

The pup was found to be tiny and exhausted, so was transferred up to Jo Hedley (Edinburgh Co-ordinator) at the Royal Veterinary School in Edinburgh, where she (the pup, not Jo!) was weighed in at just over 17 kg with box (later revised as 13.3 kg without box).

We left her to rest (again, the pup that is, not Jo) before being given fluids, and allowed to rest for the night before heading on her journey the following day up to Jamie, at the Highland seal hospital.

Thanks must be given to the family, that called her in, and whom were of great assistance Toby and Georgie Page, and their two young daughters who named the pup ‘Pip’.

My thanks go also to Bruce Bell. Jo, and last but not least Ali Jack, who arranged the further transport of this pup, and took over the co-ordination of the little one at Carnoustie, that came in, as I was heading out!

Karen Kirk
Borders medic and Out of Hours co-ordinator

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