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2012-02-08 16:39:55

Latest Seal Releases from BDMLR Hospital

Seals at BDMLR HospitalOn Tuesday the 7th february the Highland Seal Hospital released five of its seals back to the wild. They were Mira, Spidey, Pip, Sheldon and Scarf.

With the usual helpers on hand, Boonie, Michelle, Tracey, Heather and Caleb the seals were given breakfast, then the pooled was drained and transport tanks made ready. Once drained the pups were caught, tagged and boxed ready for the short journey to the release site.

Once at the site they were lined up on the slipway and quickly out of the tanks to getBoonie with Seals familiarised with their surroundings. it didnt take long before they were in the water playing and exploring. There were several seals on the other side of the bay looking quite inquisitive about the proceedings. After a short while we left them to get on with it on their own. It was a beautiful sunny, calm day with the outlook good for the next few days.

Seals go back to seaThanks to all the above for their help and we wish nothing but the best for these guys, as usual. It was our pleasure knowing you.

Footage of the release can be viewed by clicking here and here.

Jamie Dyer
BDMLR Highland Seal Hospital Manager

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