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2012-04-02 16:53:42

Rea's Return to the Wild.

Jamie with Seal

On the 21st March it was finally time for our last Grey Seal pup of the season Rea to return to the wild. Rea had progressed through her rehab at a quick pace, learning to eat for herself very quickly and then gaining weight at fast rate.

Rea spent most of her time by herself and although she had the occasional swim inside with Nell, once she was outside she was on her own. We had hoped that she would keep eating at a good rate and put on the weight quickly so she could get released before becoming bored with her own company, thankfully she progressed quicker than expected and finally the day came round when she was up to weight and ready to go.

Rea the SealAs she had already been tagged before going to the outside pool it was just a case of draining the pool and transferring her to the transport tub for the short journey to the release site. Once there Heather, Caleb and myself were joined by local coordinator Audrey Gunn and partner John, Pam, Sophie, Amy and Isla Jack. As luck would have it the tide was way out and we carried her down near to the water edge and let her out. She was quickly in the water and exploring her new surroundings, venturing further and further out. The tide was just starting to come back in and as it did two seals came slowly in with it. After about half an hour she was seen with the other two seals in the middle of the harbour mouth.

A very stress free release for both us and Rea. It’s always sad to see them go especially such a gentle soul as Rea but she is back where she belongs and the forecast is lovely for the next week or so, plenty of time to get used to her new surroundings. As usual we wish her a long and healthy life and thanks for the memories.

Jamie Dyer
Highland Seal Hospital Manager

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