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2012-04-04 11:56:19

Young Whales beach around the UK

Spurn Minke WhaleIn the last few days, three young whales have beached in various locations around the UK.

Sadly, two were already dead and the other was in poor condition and died on the beach.

The first was a dead young minke whale that was spotted by fishermen off Spurn Point in the Humber region, on Sunday. At around 9ft long and with undeveloped baleen, this animal would have been still suckling and therefore dependent upon its mother.  The body refloated and drifted back out to sea and so a post mortem was not possible.  Although some local press reports mentioned that it had suffered trauma to its head, from photographs it looks as if the damage would have occurred after stranding.

RNLI with MinkeThe second was another minke whale that stranded live at North Berwick in Scotland yesterday.  This 15 foot long juvenile one was held upright in the water in bad weather by members of the RNLI until BDMLR medics arrived to give it first aid and until a vet could get there to assess its condition.  Sadly, the whale died on the beach but it would have probably been euthansed humanely by a vet as it was in a malnourished state.  A post mortem will be carried out by pathologists from the SAC.

Pilot WhaleThe third incident was also in Scotland yesterday, when the body of a dead young pilot whale washed up nr Reiss, north of Wick in Caithness.  BDMLR medics attended and the body was transported to Seater tip where a post mortem will be carried out by SAC pathologists.

It is unlikely that these events are linked.

Many thanks to the BDMLR medics, coastguard and RNLI and members of the public who helped out.

Stephen Marsh
BDMLR Operations Manager

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