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2012-04-26 16:00:44

May Mass Stranding Exercise in Devon


BDMLR will be holding a Mass Stranding Exercise at Exmouth on May 20th 2012.

This is open to all current BDMLR medics and will give you a flavour of just what can happen at a real mass stranding, with a number of whales and dolphin models being stranded

You will be working as part of a team and coping with the stresses and concerns of caring for the animals.  We're hoping that we will also be able to involve other rescue organisations as appropriate.

The day will be a long and tiring one, just like a real rescue, as the models will be beached in the early hours of the morning on an outgoing tide.  Medics will have to assess the animals, give them first aid on the beach and possibly move them.  Ultimately, the whales and dolphins will be refloated on the incoming tide later that day.

A BBC Coast television crew will be filming the event with Miranda Krestovnikoff, who is a BDMLR medic and Patron, for a programme to be aired in 2013.

For more information and to register for this event, which is free for current medics, please click here.

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