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2012-05-31 11:13:03

Risso's Dolphin successfully refloated at Perranporth

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At around midday, the attending vet confirmed that the Risso’s dolphin was a good candidate for refloat as it was quite active on the beach.  The animal was carried into the water on a pontoon system to give it good support in the water.

BDMLR volunteer medics, along with the vet, continued to care for the animal and help it to rebalance and get used to being back in its own envirnoment.  A few minutes later, the dolphin itself decided it was ready to swim away and although initially doing so parallel to the beach, turned and headed directly out to sea.  As it was swimming strongly it is hoped that it will return to its pod safely.

Many thanks to all who assisted on this rescue and refloat.

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This morning at around 7.25am, the BDMLR out-of-hours Coordinator took a call about a stranded dolphin or small pilot whale on the beach at Perranporth.

BDMLR Trustee and Cornwall Coordinator Dave Jarvis confirmed the animal as a male Risso's Dolphin measuring 2.7metres and in moderate condition.  At this length it is likely that it is a sub-adult.

It is estimated that it stranded at the turn of the tide around 1am, as it was high on the beach.

BDMLR medics are currently with the animal giving it first aid by keeping its body wet and protecting it from the sun. A specialist vet is in attendance and has taken blood samples for tests. If these show that the dolphin is in a fit state for a refloat then this will be attempted when conditions are right and after a period of time in the water holding the Risso's and rocking it gently from side to side to rebalance it.  If the tests show that there is an underlying cause for the stranding, then the vet will decide whether euthanasia would be the best and most humane option rather than prolonging any suffering.

Stephen Marsh
BDMLR Operations Manager

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