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2012-07-17 10:05:15

Seal Rescue on Isle of Wight

Rescue July 14th 2012

As the pup has been found on the golf course by members of the public (at 14.50 hours), quite far away from the beach, James Barnett, who has been contacted via phone, suggested to take the pup in for rehabilitation, as the chances of reuniting the pup with her mother were supposed to be very slim, and the local situation was not in favour of such an attempt (weather, tide, busy harbour entrance).

After a first assessment on the scene, the pup has been kept warm wrapped in towels and it did fall asleep in the car boot whilst been transferred to RSPCA Godshill Animal Centre. A more thorough assessment has been performed on arrival at the RSPCA Centre (15.20 hours), and the decision to transfer the animal straight away has been made based on the lack of a sufficient holding pen (and food) at the Centre. The animal has been tubed and rehydrated (Stephan Voigt).

The transfer has been organised and performed by the local IoW RSPCA and they uplifted the seal to take to the RSPCA Mallydams Wood Wildlife Centre at 16.30 hours.


MMM team: Nigel Dove, Sandra Dove, Dave Evans and Stephan Voigt. Animal handler (tubing, weighing, physical examination, treatment, transport etc.): Stephan Voigt

Location: Isle of Wight, St Helens Duver

Species: Female Common Seal

Age: Unweaned, between 4-7 days, about 5 days

Weight: 6.4kg. Body temperature: 37.0ºC

Body condition: Good, umbilical cord present, partly dried, mildly infected at the base

Health: no injuries, subtle umbilical cord infection, auscultation of lungs normal, heart sounds normal, normal heart rate, otherwise very alert, responsive, eyes clear (no obvious tear stains), gums normal, suckle and swallow reflex normal

Treatment: local disinfectant and anti-inflammatory treatment of the umbilical cord, total of 100cc of Lectade via nasogastric tube

Many thankls to all who assisted in this rescue.


Stephan Voigt
BDMLR Isle of Wight Assistant Coordinator

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