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2013-02-04 14:40:36

BDMLR Moray Seal Rescue Unit gets its first grey seal pup

I was expecting a visit from Ali Jack, Scottish National Organiser who was on his way to work and would be dropping off our newly repaired whale pontoons. He however also told me there was a pup in the road at Scrabster and asked if we could take care of it if he brought it down with him. I told him Michelle and I would make sure we were ready and prepped the unit for our guest. Ali arrive with "Crumb" about  5:00 pm. We booked him in checking his temperature, weight and giving him a full check over, he was only 11Kgs but had no injuries (Crumb, not Ali!).  I gave him some fluids and with a full belly left him to settle in while we made Ali a brew ready for his onward journey to Aberdeen.

I went out to the unit again at 9:30 to give Crumb some more fluids, he had perked up and was quite vocal, with snow forecasted I decided to put the heat lamp above the pen just in case. The following morning with plenty of the white stuff lying around, we gave more fluids and Michelle headed of to work in the 4x4.  I would check the road conditions and make the call whether to take Crumb down to the SSPCA wildlife rescue centre today, or wait for the weather to improve. By midday the roads were clear but the forecast was for more snow through the night,

With this in mind, I gave Crumb his final fluids and loaded him in to the car and headed over to Michelle's work to change vehicles. During the change over Mrs E Sherrett from Hopeman who had seen our car in the village and was visiting a relative, came to see the wee pup. Delighted with the prognosis for the pup generously gave me a donation which I have passed on to Head Office.

With Crumb now set for the journey we headed off down the road which were clear most of the way, but with snow falling quite heavily we arrived at SSPCA just before 5:00. Colin and Claire met us and booked Crumb in, his name extended slightly to Crumble as they already had a Crumb. With Crumble settled in and after a full cup of coffee, I set off back up the road thankful that I had the 4x4.

Thanks again to all involved especially Mrs Sherrett for her donation and Colin for the coffee.

Boonie and Michelle
BDMLR Moray Seal Rescue Unit

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