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2013-04-22 10:48:31

Peterhead Pup Pick-up!


On Tuesday evening I received a bulk SMS about a pup at Peterhead. I called Julia at Head Office to say it would be over 2 hours and dark by the time we drove to Peterhead but if it needed to come in we could take it. Lyn Ingram, a medic who only did her Marine Mammal Medic training 2 weeks ago, went to look at the pup and reported it was in good shape with no discharge and no wounds, but she would monitor it for 24 hours. Lyn was helped by Anne Macleod a local lady who had given her batteries when her torch died and was there to help when we recovered the pup.


Lyn was up at the crack of dawn to check on the pup who was in the same place even though she had been disturbed by people and dogs. She sent regular updates to Julia and about 17:00 had reported the pup was still there but was very quiet and had a slight sneeze. Julia to contacted me asked if I could go and check the pup out. I was walking the dogs so headed back home, loaded the car and set off arriving around 20:00 to find Lyn waiting patiently. The pup was down on the rocks and was indeed lethargic and dehydrated, I decided the pup at the very least had to get some fluids and then possibly relocated to a quieter beach. I jumped the pup and we loaded her into the box, carried the box over the rocks and with the help of a couple of locals, Steve Sanderson & James Youngson, we carefully hauled the pup up the embankment and put her into the car. I thanked Lyn, Anne and and the guys for their efforts and headed home. I arrived about 22:45 where Michelle and I set about the task of getting fluids into the pup. She weighed in at 27.5 kg and took the tube well.


We got up early and fed her against 7:30 - she was still lethargic. Although she was a good weight and in good shape I was concerned about the sneezing, so I called Jamie Dyer to talk about the options. We suspected a lungworm infection so the decision was made for it to go to SSPCA for treatment. I called Colin at Fishcross who told me he could take it. I was going through in the morning so arranged to drop it off at SSPCA Aberdeen. I contacted Lyn and asked if she wanted to name the pup, telling her of the SSPCA cake theme for this seasons pups, so she named her Angel. We fed Her again at 13:00, 18:00 & 22:30 without incident.


We got up even earlier, and had fed Angel loaded her in the box, and showered all before 7:00am. We then headed off to Aberdeen hoping to arrive  at SSPCA about 9:15, but unfortunately we were delayed and had to call Jill from the SSPCA who passed on my details to Karen and we arranged to exchange the pup at the Aberdeen Royal Infirmary.  With the pup transferred and a quick peek at a tiny fox cub who was also going to Fishcross we headed into the hospital and Karen headed off to Fishcross.

Thanks to Ann, Steve & James who helped with the pup, to Jill, Colin and Karen from the SSPCA. To Jamie for his constant support and special thanks to Lyn, well done on your first rescue.

Boonie and Michelle Boon
BDMLR Medics
Moray Seal Rescue Unit


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