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2014-07-30 10:11:42

A Couple of Pups in Nairn

This report from Boonie about two harbour or common seal pups at Nairn in July

Friday 11/7/14 at 13:35

We received a bulk text about 2 seal pups on the beach at Nairn from Head Office so I called Stephen there and he told me they were on the beach about ½ a mile from the east wall. As we were away from home and it would take us over an hour and a half to get there I called Cath Bain the Area Co-ordinator and told her we were on our way and if she was available she could help us. This would also be an ideal opportunity  for Cath to get some training on tubing as if both pups came in I could show her on one and she could do the other with the demonstration still fresh in her mind. We met at ours and after getting all the crates and gear loaded into the van we set of for the beach. I was given to name of the lady on site and called her to let her know we were on route.

Whilst travelling to Nairn I received a call from her telling me the pups were being moved I asked her to tell whoever was moving them that the should stop and wait for us to arrive.

When we arrived the pups had been moved by people from another rescue charity and we were told they were fine and would be okay. We decided to check on the pups as we were there and found 2 pups that were far from fine, so we picked them up and took them back home to the Moray Seal Rescue Unit. Very often, if unweaned pups have human scent on them, which these would have had having been moved, their mother would reject them anyway.

As we put them in the tub I’m sure Skye put her flipper around Eilidh and whispered into her ear "these guys seem to know what to do, we’ll be okay"!


When we got to the unit we weighed the pups and one was 6.5kgs and the other 10kgs, well below their birth weight.  I tubed the first pup called Eilidh after the lady on the beach, with Cath watching intently. With the first pup fed and checked over it was now time for Cath to take over, with Skye the other pup. The feed went well and we left both pups to get some peace and quiet.


After gently waking the pups, Michelle and I fed them and left them to get some more rest.


Now groggy and a bit sleepy we headed back out to the unit to give the girls some more fluids.  This feed is normally missed out, but due to the tiny size of the pups we decided it would be best to give them less fluids more often, and it’s a good time to catch the sunrise.


I gave Eilidh her breakfast, Cath arrived and fed Skye with the skills of a seasoned pro, and a cheesy grin.

With both pups fed we let them settle before loading them into the car for their journey to Aberdeen, where I would meet Heloisa and her husband Rodrigo, who would take to pups to Dundee.  There they would be met by Colin to take them onto the SSPCA wildlife hospital at Fishcross.

Well done to all involved in the rescue and the relay of these pups a great effort and great teamwork.


Boonie and Michelle
BDMLR Medics
Moray Seal Rescue Unit

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