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2014-09-23 09:32:50

A seal called Lossie!

Lossiemouth Seal Report from Boonie (Martin Boon) at the Moray Seal Unit

14/08/14 08:30

After getting a bulk SMS from BDMLR out of hours coordinator about a pup on Lossiemouth East Beach I phoned a German lady called Anja, who had reported it and thankfully spoke great English. She told me about the pup and said she would stay with it and wait for me to arrive. I grabbed my kit and set off, finding them on the beach about a mile from the footbridge. I was met by Anja and Tobias (who had seen the pup whilst jogging along the beach).

The pup was a bit feisty, but quite thin and suffering from dehydration and after visually assessing it I decided he had to get picked up, so I jumped him and put it into a seal bag. Tobias and I carried him back along the beach to the van and we loaded it into a crate. I thanked them and asked if they wanted to watch him getting check over and booked in. They told me they would love to and I gave them my address, and we arranged to meet once they’d had changed. I unloaded the pup, weighed him and made up the fluids. With typical German efficiency they arrived, this time with Dietmar. I started booking the pup in in and explaining what we look for and how we work out how much fluid to give the pups and how many feeds per day. He was 12. 6 Kgs with slight damage to one of the nail beds on rear left flipper and what looked like a small scab on its rear right flipper.  I decided it would be best to get some fluids into him and check the flippers after later feeds to reduce stressing the pup. With all the details recorded the only thing left was a name, Tobias wanted to call it Dave, but Anja overruled him and said as it was a beautiful pup found on a beautiful beach he should be called Lossie. He responded well to fluids taking regular feeds at 11:00, 15:00, 19:00 and 23:00hrs. Checking his rear flipper the scab had started to soften and weep, we cleaned the area and would check again in the morning.

15/08/14 07:00

Michelle and I fed Lossie and as we noticed the scab on his rear flipper had stared to ooze puss, we gave it an other good clean and managed to removed a puss plug revealing a puncture wound. We waited to get details of the relay that Julia from Head Office was sorting out and with her usual efficiency she called me with the details for Karen Douglas who was able to take the pup to SSPCA AT Fishcross. I called Karen and we arranged to meet at Inverurie, just over an hour from my house but unfortunately due the aftermath of the storm, many of the roads were closed or waterlogged and this meant after driving over an hour I was still 45 minutes from Karen. She told me she would keep coming towards me and we met up around 11:00 o’clock. Lossie was now due another feed, so with help from Karen on her first call out and relay I tubed him in the car park, loaded him into her car and Karen set off on her way.

Thanks to all involved for your help and support, especially Karen for taking Lossie to SSPCA and to Anja, Tobias and Dietmar for their kind donation.

Boonie and Michelle
BDMLR Medics
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