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2015-01-07 08:51:35

Busy year End for Scotland

As 2014 came to a close, one BDMLR Scotland area was kept exceptionally busy as BDMLR Medic Boonie, who runs the Moray Seal Rescue Unit explains.

The seal pup named Noel On 18 December 2014 BDMLR received a call about a seal pup in the Caithness area. Once caught, the under nourished seal was tube fed by BDMLR medic Tracey Meiklejohn. The pup needed to be taken to the SSPCA centre in Aberdeen and a bulk text message requesting assistance was put out by head office. BDMLR Caithness Coordinator Steph Waterston and Inverness Coordinator Kirsty MacDonald responded and relay-transported the seal to BDMLR medic Boonie. The partially moulted pup, dubbed Noel, was too dehydrated to move further and so it stayed overnight with Boonie, who has a holding facility as well as tube feeding experience and expertise. The pup was rehydrated overnight and continued its festive journey through the snow the next morning. After a handover at Pitlochry to the BDMLR Dundee Coordinator Brian Corbett, Noel made it to the Alloa SSPCA centre to be cared for.

The seal called Sunday with trauma to the eyesOn the 21st December, Boonie was called on again. A pup required assistance at Lossiemouth East Beach. BDMLR Medic Elizabeth Harley collected the seal from a neighbour Vicky who'd found it and named it 'Sunday'. It was taken to Boonie’s holding facility and once washed off was found to have trauma to both eyes. It was tube fed during the night and had its eyes cleaned after each feed to assist the healing process.

The next day, Sunday was checked by a vet and his sight was given the OK, so another relay was set.  Sunday was handed from Boonie to Hilary Mackay at Perth for transportation to the SSPCA centre at Alloa.

TroyOn the 30th December another pup was reported at Lossiemouth. This time it was at West Beach and it turned out to be a harbour seal around 6 months old with an injury to its left side and signs of a lungworm infection.  This one was dubbed Troy and again it went into Boonie’s holding facility where its wound was cleaned and it was fed overnight.

On New Year’s Eve, Troy was transported to Alloa on a relay with Boonie handing him over to BDMLR medic Paul Smith at House of Bruar.

BDMLR would like to thank Boonie for this report as well as all the BDMLR Medics involved in the rescues and relays and members of the public who called about the animals. It is thanks to you all that the Noel, Sunday and Troy are all now being cared for.


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