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2016-02-04 11:15:16

Another sperm whale strands in Norfolk

Sadly, another male sperm whale has stranded today near Hunstanton. At the time of writing it was still alive. The tide may reach it very soon but even if it is still alive then, it is unlikely to survive.

BDMLR a few people there and Coastguard and Sea Life are also in attendance, but there is no rescue attempt for what is probably a 25-30 tonne whale. Even if the whale is lifted alive by the tide it is highly unlikely that it would survive and will probably restrand dead later.

This is the 29th sperm whale stranding in England, France, Holland and Germany over the last couple of weeks as there was another in France the night before last and two in Germany last night. It is thought that the French one may have been the same one seen alive off the coast of Kent on Monday as tides and wind may have carried it due east.

For background information on sperm whales please see the previous news item

Photos courtesy of MCA. Pleased note that BDMLR does not have any photos for press use.

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