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British Divers Marine Life Rescue (photo: Steve Marsh)
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2016-07-27 12:03:49

Dolphin rescued in Scotland by BDMLR is doing well

"Spirtle"; the four year old bottlenose dolphin refloated by BDMLR volunteers and SMASS (Scottish Marine Animal Stranding Scheme) staff last month at Nigg bay has been spotted by the University of Aberdeen Lighthouse Field Station’s team spottedon one of their photo-ID trips.

The blistering that was caused by sunburn prior to her rescue has now gone, leaving a bare patch on her side. A spokesperson for SMASS said "She seems to be behaving normally however, breaching and chasing fish, so we're optimistic the wound isn't causing her too much of a problem and, from the photos, it appears to be healing quickly. Fingers crossed she continues to recover and, as she is part of the resident and well monitored population, we should be able to track her progress.".

BDMLR volunteers had responded to reports of the stranded dolphin and refloated her successfully following assessment by a SMASS vet.

For an article by the BBC on the re-sighting, please click here.

Headline photo courtesy University of Aberdeen