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2017-04-18 14:36:23

Inverallochy Seal transferred to SSPCA

Inverallochy seal pup report from Boonie.

Friday 31 March 16:24

I received a bulk sms from Head Office regarding an injured pup at Inverallochy (North East Scotland), about 90 minutes from my house. I contacted Julia and told her, due to the distance I probably wouldn’t get to it before it got dark, but I could take it, if it was picked up.

Luckily, Dave Hawkins and Christina Elliot were closer and would go and check on the pup, and I headed towards Inverallochy to meet them in case the pup was lifted.  Angie Lang a non-active but experienced medic who had reported the pup would be available after 19:00 the assist if required. The pup was picked up and Dave and Christina headed toward me and we arranged a meeting point. With the pup transferred into my tub, I headed back home.


I arrived home and Michelle had the unit ready with the fluids mixed. We weighed the pup a hefty 25.5 Kgs and carried out the assessment and booked him in. His breathing was heavy and laboured with lungworm the probable cause. I tubed the pup and gave him 450mils of vital fluids, while removing the tube the pup coughed up a some phlegm containing a worm about 75mm in length. With a high temperature we cleaned and cooled the pup down.

Saturday 1 April at 06:30

An early start found a pup that had toileted through the night with further evidence of worms in his poo. (These get into the stomach when the pup coughs and then swallows the phlegm). My original plan was to treat the pup for lungworm hold him at ours for a couple of days then release it back to the wild. However, due to the high temperature and possible other issues I decided to tube it and get it down the road to SSPCA Fishcross as soon as possible. I contacted Julia to ask for a relay if possible, I would start heading south and could meet up with whoever was available.


With the pup tubed and settled we loaded it into the van and I headed off down the road, thankfully Julia had managed to sort out a relay and after some more calls we managed to arrange a place to meet. Tiso at Perth was the designated spot.


I found a place to park next to some grass and in the shade. While I waited for Alison Kyle a medic from Dundee and her husband Phil, who were stuck in roadworks, I boiled some water and prepared the next feed. They arrived and we lifted the pup out of the tub and Alison helped me with the feeding. With the feed done, we loaded him back into the tub and placed it in the back of their car. With the transfer paperwork filled in they headed to Fishcross and I headed home.

The pup was delivered to SSPCA and Alison and Phil headed home.

Thanks to all involved in the rescue and relay, especially Julia for being at the end of her phone for updates late at night and sorting out relays early in the morning.

Regards Boonie and Michelle

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