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2017-08-17 00:19:57

Flintshire seal rescue

Husband and wife BDMLR Marine Mammal Medic team Chris and Kristen Cureton recently attended a seal pup trapped in a storm drain. The exhausted pup was spotted by a dog walker in Flintshire, North Wales. It was unable to climb back up the steep muddy bank leading into the drain, and had likely been there for some time.

The pair herded the pup towards the edge of the pool with a towel before lifting it into a large dumpy bag. The bag was tied to a rope and hauled to safety by local council wardens who assisted with the rescue. As the pup was very tired and underweight for its age, it was transported to the RSPCA Wildlife Centre at Stapeley Grange, where it will hopefully make a full.

Thank you to our medics Chris and Kristen Cureton for this out-of-the-ordinary rescue, and, of course, to the Council wardens and member of the public who alerted us to the seal and assisted with the operation.

All BDMLR Medics are dedicated volunteers who attend a one-day training course to join our local rescue teams based around the country. They respond to marine mammals in distress when reported to the 24hr emergency hotline 01825 765546.

There are two training courses for new volunteers coming up in Wales at New Quay on Saturday 14th October, and Anglesey on Sunday 15th October – you can find more information and sign up to a course by visiting

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