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British Divers Marine Life Rescue (BDMLR) was formed in 1988, when a few like minded divers got together in response to the mass mortality of Harbour seals in the Wash area of East Anglia, to do what they could for the rescue effort.

Thames whale stranding (Daily Mirror)Since 1988, BDMLR have been involved in the rescue of marine wildlife after every major marine disaster, including the Braer shipwreck in Shetland and the Sea Empress grounding in Milford Haven. Seal rescue has remained a major component of the our work, with BDMLR medics rescuing seals in all seasons. Over the years, many hundreds of seals have been helped, BDMLR working closely with specialist rehabilitation facilities to ensure their long term care and eventual return to the wild.

Although seal rescue has remained a key component of the work of the charity, it has become progressively more involved in the response to stranded cetaceans in the UK. BDMLR were founder members of the Marine Animal Rescue Coalition (MARC), an affiliation of organisations with an active interest and involvement in the management of marine mammal strandings in the UK, with a primary focus of improving the response to live cetacean strandings. This has been achieved through the sharing of information and opinions, encouraging training and equipment, and consideration of the options available for the disposition of beached animals in the context of UK strandings patterns.

Every year, BDMLR trains over 400 volunteer Marine Mammal Medics and has 20 whale rescue pontoons located at strategic points throughout the UK, waiting to help stranded whales and dolphins.

BDMLR is a registered charity, number 803438 in England and Wales, and SC039304 in Scotland.

Trustees (Directors)

Chairman: Alan Knight OBE, BSc (Hons)
Faye Archell BSc (Hons) Cert Ed
Geoff Hammock
Gavin Parsons
Mark Stevens BEd (Hons)


Doug Allan
Kate Humble
Monty Halls
Miranda Krestovnikoff 
Elizabeth Emanuel
Dr Martha Holmes
Amanda Levick

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