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BDMLR Marine Mammal Medic Training Course

The course is a full day's session, usually with 20-30 delegates. The course fee is £90 - this includes your first year’s supporter’s fee and third party insurance while on a rescue. You do not need to be a diver and the minimum age for volunteers is 18 years old.

The morning lecture session

BDMLR Marine Mammal Medic Training CourseThis session usually starts at 9.30am (sometimes earlier at specific venues - please check when booking) with an introductory talk from one of the course directors. Three lectures are then given by the course trainers.

The first lecture is on marine mammal biology and sea and cetacean (whale, dolphin and porpoise) identification.

The second lecture is on cetacean physiology, first aid and rescue techniques.

The third is on seal physiology, first aid and rescue techniques.

Health and Safety for all rescue work is included in the second 2 lectures.


This is not provided - please bring your own packed lunch if not available at the venue.

The afternoon practical session

Held at the waters edge. Delegates are asked to bring along a wet or dry suit as you will be in the water for most of the afternoon. If you are going to be wearing a wetsuit, please ensure you have trainers or boots (not wellingtons) on that you do not mind getting wet. You should also take a windproof jacket to stop yourself getting chilled on the beach.

This session is split into three modules:

Seal rescue
Trainees are taught how to handle and lift an injured or stranded seal safely. Each delegate will have the chance to try out their newly learned skills on a life sized model of a seal.

Dolphin rescue
Trainees are taught how to assess the animal on the beach and handling, lifting and first aid techniques using a life sized water filled model of a dolphin.





Whale rescue

Trainees refloat a two tonne life-sized model of a Pilot Whale. The model is filled with water and is very life like. It is not unusual to have members of the public offer to help as they believe it is real!

You can see a short video of recent practical sessions by clicking here.

The course finishes when everyone has completed each of the modules, usually about 16:30hrs

A final de-briefing is held where certificates, medic ID cards and badges are handed out to delegates from 17:00hrs to 17:30hrs.

The course fee includes hire of a lifejacket and your first year’s supporter fee and third party insurance cover while on rescue. Delegates will also receive:

Please note that we strongly advise you to bring a dry suit for this course, whatever the weather. For the practical sessions you will be in and out of the water and if you only have a wetsuit you will chill quite quickly.

» To check course locations and to book your place, please click here

Please note - if the above link does not work, then we may be updating or maintaining the website. There is a list of planned courses on our calendar here so please call the office between 9am and 4pm Monday to Friday to book your place if online booking is not available. Thank you.

If there are no courses listed in your area, please email us with your details and we will get back to you when one becomes available.

Booking conditions - please read before paying for your course
We incur charges for fee transactions and are not always able to fill a cancelled place on a course.  We reserve the right to apply the following refund policy if a delegate does not wish to transfer to another course.

If a course is cancelled by BDMLR......................................................Full fee refund
Delegate cancels 15 calendar days or more prior to the course..............Full fee refund less 10%
Delegate cancels between 8 and 14 calendar days (inclusive)................Full fee refund less 20%
Delegate cancels between 2 and 7 calendar days (inclusive)..................Full fee refund less 40%
Delegate cancels 1 day before or fails to attend with no notice. No fee refund and no transfer

However, if a delegate cancels out of a course for health or compassionate reasons charges may be waived at our discretion.  Cancellations should be made by calling the office on 01825 765546, Monday-Friday 9am-5pm.

Please note that courses are occasionally cancelled by us due to low numbers and we will advise people who have booked as soon as possible.  In this instance we can only refund fees paid to us and not additional costs for travel or accommodation. If you cannot cancel these then you may find that you are able to claim them from your travel insurance.